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Dream Defender

The main theme of Dream Defender. I was asked to create music similar to Ori and the Blind Forest. Throughout this project, I was given lots of lore and references which helped guide me to what my client wanted.

Pocket Dungeon

A battle track for Pocket Dungeon. I was given freedom to decide what I thought would work best for this project. I initially played the game for a while and then wrote the music after getting a feel of the game.

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RPGLauncher: Another Time Around

A track that plays in the background for RPGLauncher: Another Time Around. Given examples and some lore, I began working on the music.

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Tower Swap

Background music for Tower Swap. During this project, I was only given one reference track. So I played the game for a while and then wrote the music with the reference in mind. Do note, I did not write all the music for this game.

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Games and non-games

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This is a version by version web-page documentation of a hockey game I made for Canada's Sports Hall of Fame (CSHoF). This was a group project and although it is a game, it was built with HTML, CSS, and Javascript. I handled all of the game's coding and styled it to the design mock-ups. Working together, we created this for CSHoF's touchscreen displays at their facility.

If you go to CSHoF, be sure to check out the hockey section to see this project live on the touchscreen display!
Hockey puck
A single page website made for a fictional bank company. It was mainly to experiment around.
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Another single page website. Made for a fictional design company called Amethyst. Made mainly to experiment.
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My name is Julian Fung and I am from Calgary, Alberta. I create immersive soundscapes and flowing web design. I developed a passion for video games and music at a young age, and subsequently learned to code and compose.

Sound and music is a critical support of a story; it immerses you and acts like an emotional guide. My goal is to help creators convey their rich stories and the emotions that accompany them.

I love joining new projects and learning new perspectives. Nothing is more rewarding than contributing to a fellow creator's project and seeing it come together perfectly.


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